Making Art, accessible; Innovation, affordable & Creativity, commonplace!

Local entrepreneurs, craftspeople, artists & organizations have actively collaborated to build the region’s most comprehensive Industrial Makerspace & Business Incubator in Greenville, NC . ​ From the artisan craftsmanship in our woodshop, to the high-tech capabilities of our CNC machine and Laser cutter/engraver, there is an endless array of pursuits.  Whether you are looking for an economical way to incubate your business, prototype a new design, pursue a hobby, or learn new skills, The Makerspace has it all.

Our Mission

  • Provide the community a place and tools for people to follow their passions and creativity.
  • Offer a new way to re-engage our youth as active learners and gain valuable experience while developing creative and innovative skills.
  • Promote artistic/engineering endeavors, non-traditional educational initiatives, and technological research and development.
  • Place Makerspace of Greenville at the leading edge of the new “Innovation Economy.”

How we started

Darby retired from the Navy in 2013, his post career employer brought our family to Greenville, NC. The company downsized and eliminated his position. After a few odd jobs and reading Adam Savage’s book Every Tool’s a Hammer, he found himself wanting and complaining that there was no makerspace in our community. Apparently Tara heard him complaining one too many times and told him to open one. That was July 2019 and Makerspace of Greenville was open December 2019.

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