About Us

We are a non-profit group empowering the next generation of makers.
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Our Mission

  • Provide the community a place and tools for people to follow their passions and creativity.
  • Offer a new way to re-engage our youth as active learners and gain valuable experience while developing creative and innovative skills.
  • Promote artistic/engineering endeavors, non-traditional educational initiatives, and technological research and development.
  • Place Makerspace of Greenville at the leading edge of the new “Innovation Economy.”
  • Become a STEM/STEAM partner with local schools.

How we started

After Darby retired from the Navy in 2013, his post career employer brought our family to Greenville, NC. After reading Adam Savage’s book Every Tool’s a Hammer, he found himself searching for a makerspace in our community. Apparently Tara heard him complaining that there wasn’t available too many times and told him to open one. That put the wheels in motion and Makerspace of Greenville was opened in December 2019.

Darby George, owner.

Inklings of being a Maker emerged at an early age and I was always intrigued at how things worked. I can’t tell you how many times I took apart whatever I could find laying around! The desire to learn new skills is still present in my every day life. Most of my new projects are geared towards skills I don’t yet possess. If you don’t see me at my desk I’ll be found in the shop.

“Jack of all trades, master of none collector of skills!”

Tara George, owner.

I may keep track of the finances of the company but I am enjoying learning new skills in the shop. So much so I have created my own Etsy store with my creations, mostly created on the laser. I love learning how to use all our tools and see what else I can make.

Juno, shop dog.

Our furry coworker that loves to chew on wood scraps. Also referred to as “the termite”. If you drop it, she’ll claim it!

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