About us

Darby George, owner.

Inklings of being a Maker emerged at an early age and I was always intrigued at how things worked. I can’t tell you how many times I took apart my dad’s 8 track player or whatever else I could find laying around! The desire to learn new skills is still present in my every day life. If you don’t see me at my desk I’ll be found in the shop.

“Jack of all trades, master of none collector of skills!”

Tara George, owner.

The financial brains behind the business. Loves getting in to the shop and creating!

Juno, shop dog.

Our furry coworker that loves to chew on wood scraps. Also referred to as “the termite”. If you drop it, she’ll claim it!

Calisto (Calli), shop dog.

Another one to alert us to the arrival of members, deliveries, or anything down the street. Can normally be found under a desk or workbench.

Apollo, shop dog.

Our goofy old man of 13 years young. He is one to always want your attention. Often found laying on the cool floor of the shop.

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