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Membership Levels


$80 — Purchase 8 hour blocks at a time, use during open hours at your convenience.


$130 / month — 24 / 7 access

$200 / month— 24 / 7 access for 2 adults and 2 children


$250 / month— 24 / 7 access for 1 business owner and 1 employee

Teaching Concepts, Skills & Safety


Great place! Perfect for the do it yourself enthusiast that doesn’t have the tools! Not only do they have all of the equipment that you’d expect (table saw, drill press, planer, sanders, etc etc) but they also have a laser cutter. There is plenty of room to work and Darby and Tara are very knowledgeable and friendly! Would definitely recommend

Mike A

This place was great! Has a lot of up to date equipment and a lot of space to work in efficiently. Darby and Tara are really friendly and ready to help. Would definitely recommend this place to the pro or the hobbyist!!

Thanx Darby and Tara your place ROCKS!!!!

Frank G

Let’s build something great together.

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